Film projects

2014 I started to focus on documentary film, social topics and civil resistance. Currently I am working on a longterm project in Colombia on the indigenous movement and internal displacement.


About me

I write, I film, I photograph to take a stand, to give people a voice, who never had one, to tell their stories, their fears and dreams, their wisdom. To find my story, my fears and dreams in theirs. Writing and filming, observing and listening, means to me to always keep my curiosity, to always keep my eyes wide open, my thirst for knowledge. I work as a journalist and photographer and on longterm film projects, I write poetry and songs.


Photography / Journalism

A collection of my recent work as a photographer and journalist. I published my work in different german speaking magazines, newspapers and online publications like Jungle World, VICE or Blickpunkt Lateinamerika. Additional to this you find a collection of my photos with a range from photojournalism to experimental analog photography.