About me

I write, I film, I photograph to take a stand, to give people a voice, that never had one, to tell their stories, their fears and dreams, their wisdom. To find my story, my fears and dreams in theirs. And above all my certainty to know nothing. Writing and filming, observing and listening, means to me to always keep my curiosity, to always keep my eyes wide open, my thirst for knowledge.

I work as a journalist and photographer and published my work in german speaking magazines and papers like Jungle World, VICE, Südwind or Blickpunkt Lateinamerika. I write poetry and songs under the name epilog, you can find these on my blog fehlfarbenfangen . Since two years I started longterm film projects. At the moment I work on three different projects about conflict related topics and civil resistance in Colombia, one film should be finished in 2016. Before that I gained first experience with the production of music videos.

I always try to come as close as possible to the people I work with, to listen to them, to go below the surface. Its my 30iest year on this planet and I still don’t have a clue, if we can change the cruelty and injustice of the world, if we can escape the absurdity of being human. Nor do I know if my work can help or if its in the end just another impotent drop in the ocean. But I strongly believe, that the only option we have, is to keep on trying, to keep on looking for beauty and fighting for values we believe in.

Contact me: branderjonas at gmail.com

Photo by: Yelda Yilmaz